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BeautyFly Studio

BeautyFly Studio Case Study

Project Brief:

Our agency is cooperating with different types of businesses concentrated in different industries. As a start-up agency, we are already at the peak of achieving great results and even greater assessments from our clients. BeautyFly Studio, a professional nail salon, is one of our clients based in Armenia. They are specialized in the nail industry, working only with premium, high-quality brands. With their unique environment, and highly qualified specialists who are very competent in the nail industry, their studio is here to change the ideology of beauty experience. We took their initiative and their vision and transformed it into a rebranding of their website. Our mission was to introduce innovative ideas and focus on the best solutions for their online exposure. Currently focusing on their website design, we are helping the company to stand out in the beauty industry of Armenia. Acknowledging the competition in the market we plan to give them the most sophisticated and unique website design. The website is in its concluding stages, its final debut will be in the near future.


Step 01


Firstly, by conducting the traditional SWOT analysis to be precise about our goals, the team has taken the procedure of examining the bigger potential of our client. Brand awareness was one of our agendas in the process, by overseeing the right steps we aimed our marketing strategies to BeautyFly’s potential target. Our team strategists, content marketers and analysts are intensively working on building trust around their customers and building the right image for public outreach.

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BeautyFly Studio Case Study

Step 02

From Complication to Solution

As our client has been in the market for less than a year one of our challenges was to build and increase their already existing customer base. Starting from Google set up to Facebook ad manager we have made tremendous improvement. Using Google Analytics, our team has gathered insight into customer behavior on social platforms. With the right branding and optimization, we have made their ads 86% more effective and successful. 

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Step 03

Expectations Met

For us, website rebranding not only involves changing the interface and the overall design of the website, but it also means changing the body. That includes the content, the navigation system, and the user response/engagement operations. With BeautyFly we were able to achieve all of them in the most fashionable way. Our branding strategies have helped BeautyFly to navigate their company’s needs in the most convenient ways bringing their vision to life.

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