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Making updates to the site and expecting for search engines spiders to register the changes in the index is what is done for the first few months. The required amount of work and the frequency of the search engine spiders crawl takes 3-9 months before the new rankings begin to be seen.

Upgrade in rankings and traffic are directly connected to each other. As traffic is the direct result of ranking increases, when your ranking starts to increase, you will see a gradual increase in traffic to your website as well. It is important to understand that new rankings and traffic are not created in an instant way, and it takes some time (usually several months) to complete the necessary updates and index them before you start seeing the progress.

Surely, you should! When you achieve high rankings, it does not mean that you are done with it. As it is known the search engines constantly update their algorithms in result of which the rankings start to fluctuate time by time. So, maintaining rankings is very important and it can only be done by continuing SEO and keeping your rankings in the top.

An SEO audit can take 2-6 Days. During this period, specialists reveal and analyze SEO opportunities on your website. However, weekly checks are important as well because they keep you updated on progress.

The cost of SEO service depends on a particular digital marketing company or agency. Usually, companies who offer low prices are used to cut corners, use not proper SEO techniques and strategies, which can result in penalties and decrease the traffic and spam of the website. Agency prices are much higher, but you should realize that you pay for their effectiveness and experience, so that it is worth.

Pay Per Click (PPC)


We recommend you have 4-6 expanded text ads and at least 2 responsive search ads for each ad group. Responsive search ads are designed to run in tandem with expanded text ads, thus you should make sure that you have both types of ads across all ad groups.

There is no precise answer to this question, and it is entirely up to you and the structure of your account how many keywords you need for each ad group. However, the relevance is the most important and primary factor you need to consider first. For example, if you have 30 keywords for each ad group, you should question how well does the ad text match each term.

The recommended tools include Google keyword tool, WordStream’s Niche Finder, Ahrefs, SEMRush, MOZ, WordTrack and search term reports.

As it is known the Quality Score considers several criteria – from ad relevance to expected CTR. What Bing and Google want from you is having strong quality scores including ad relevance, ad engagement, landing page congruence, etc. Always remember to keep the most similar keywords in your ad group and make sure that the ad has the keywords you are bidding on.

Social media has changed the way we live today. Nowadays, it is easier for consumers to pick up their phones for getting information or learning about any product or service. Potential clients find the information they need with just one click. Thus, social media marketing will most importantly allow you to connect with your clients/consumers in a more personal and fast way. In addition, it allows you to meet their needs in a place when they feel most comfortable.

Generally, it is recommended to post 1 time and no more than 2 times a day. According to recent studies, if you post more than twice in a day, the engagement rate of your followers eventually drops. People feel disengaged when they see too many posts by the same page, while on the contrary they can lose their interest as well if they see posts rarely/if they do not see any post for a long time. However, while posting any type of content on social media, it is important to focus not on the quantity of posts but the quality of them.

It is more effective to use a small number of social media platforms/sites actively than to use many of them but passively. To have reputation at your site, it is more realistic to achieve success by using a small number of sites in a stable way.

Facebook ad conversion rate is improved with the help of Facebook pixel data that make your ads be seen. The Facebook pixel should be installed as it collects data in case you create ads. It is important to install Facebook pixel even if you are not using Facebook/Instagram ads yet.

For running ads properly you need to know some strategies that will help you to write ads in the best way. First of all it is important to use Facebook targeting for narrowing your audience and then writing targeted ads that speak to particular audience. Another important thing to consider is making sure that you consider your ad copy matches your visual. Next, you should try to keep the language as simple and understandable as possible. Do not use long and complex copies/texts for your ads. Be simple and precise!

General Questions

A blog is one of the most frequently used platforms for marketing purposes. With the help of blogs, you can easily reach out to consumers by providing them with entertaining and informational content. Blogs can be used for any business or any type of company starting from fashion boutiques to medical centers.


The recovery process depends on the optimization process – how long will the optimization process last. Thus, it mainly depends how quickly you will fix the problem and your website will recover from a Google penalty once you correct all of the errors.

There are several ways to stop comment spam on your website. The most simplest way is disabling comments entirely, depending whether your business needs them or not. The second way of stopping comment spam on your page/website is creating a list of blacklisted words that are keywords recognizing spam comments. This helps you to stop them appearing on your website. Another way to stop getting spam comment is using an anti-spam plugin, which is a tool that sorts the good and bad comments and filters the spam immediately. Also, Use Google ReCaptcha integration if you want to secure contact forms.

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